Sunday, June 7, 2009

Movies with friends

Summer Movie Fun has come to our home this summer. We have joined with the Murdock boys, the Tuke kids, and the Price and cousins in Harkin's summer movie fun.

The first movie we enjoyed was Space Chimps, they kids all seem to enjoy it. The little boys even sat through most of it, which was such an accomplishment.

This past week we enjoyed Nim's Island, all the kids did mention "that was a long movie, but we sure like it". Fun was had by all!!!!!

We look forward to the movies ahead for the rest of the summer.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New addition

I am please to announce that our family has grown by one. In January my mom announced that she was dating!! Yes dating. Mom began to date again her High School Sweetheart Gary. They have stayed in contact throughout all these years as friends, as it may be they were both in a point in their lives that they could be together again.

From January until the beginning of May they have been getting "acquainted" again. What fun it has been to see how mom's face just lights up with happiness. It has also been exciting to see how life for all has changed for the good and to add another wonderful and caring person to our family.

The afternoon of May 15th I received a call announcing that Mom and Gary(Pops) had gotten MARRIED!!!!! They decided to go to Laughlin and take the plunge. Hearing the joy in their voices was the BEST!

I am proud to introduce the new couple.

Mom and Pops R.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend with Ma and Pops

Natalie had the privilege to goo spend a few days with her Gammie and GranPops out on the farm. While she was out there they treated her to some all out fun. What child would not like sugary cereal, cartoons, riding horses and no little brother to bother you.

Granpops has many connections and was able to get Natalie a chance to ride.

Natie with PepsiNatie riding with GranPops

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mommy is one year older

Birthday Girl

This year I am one year older and feel Great!!! The day started out with taking our Bubba to a follow-up doctor's appointment. I was then invited to enjoy a lunch with a loving friend and her boys (those Murdock's). Little did I know there more of my loving friends waiting for us at the park to enjoy a little treat. These loving girls friends I have sure do know how to make a girl feel really special!!! I was then treated to dinner at our local favorite place Teakwood's, Yummo!!

In our house when it is your birthday, you get to celebrate all weekend. Saturday came and it was dinner with Chris, the kids, Mom, Pops, Chris's Mom and Step Dad at one of my other favs, Macayo's to be followed up with ice cream cake(yummy).

So with that, I am one year older, wiser and very much happy to have the family and friends that have blessed my life.

Our Family at dinner Ice Cream Cake

Easter 09

Our Easter was not spent the typical way. Natie spent the weekend with her Gramma and Granpa, while mommy and daddy spent with Bubba in the hospital. As mention in the previous post Bubba has spent some day at Phoenix Children's Hospital for his current health problems.

While Natie was staying with Gramma she was able color eggs for that big furry bunny to hide for her the next day. They had a blast coloring eggs.

Natie Dying Eggs and showing off her work

Gramma and the rest of our family was so generous to make mommy and daddy Easter dinner and bring to us at the hospital. They were also able to spend some valuable and much needed time with Bubba and with Natie.

Weeks' Family Easter 09'


Daddy n Bubba @ hospital

Bubba has recently been diagnosed with Esphogitis (ouch!!!) and is currently living as a malabsorbtion/failure to thrive lil boy. He is currently at the Phoenix Children's Hospital for a short while so that we get him back to feeling better. He will be sporting a nasal gastric tube in his nose that goes directly into his stomach. Not the funnest thing for mom or dad to have to put in. We have learned that he can not have any food by mouth until that allergist has determined what is causing this horrible Esphogitis.

So of course every mother wants their child off the bottle(sippy cups) and binkies by the time they are at least 16 months, not mine those items will be in our household for a while. These things besides mom and dads love are the only things keeping this kid happy.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sweetness turns 4

Birthday Girl

Our Sweetness turned 4 this past weekend. Where has time gone? We had a fantastic party for her. We rented her, her very own pink/purple bouncy house, had sandwiches, chips and soda at the local park. Grammy bought her her Princess castle cake, it was beautiful. Her theme was Barbie!!! The fun begins as she is becoming very girlie. Thank you you to all the were able to be with us to celebrate and we missed you all who could not be with us.

Natie and Daddy jumpin

Castle Cake

Kaleb, Rose and Natie

Natie and Grammie jumpin